About Me

I am a digital leader, strategist, business designer, change agent and speaker with a background of almost 20 years working with digital in the intersection of business, customer experience and tech. I have a background from both line management, management consulting and creative agencies. During those years I’ve helped both global corporations as well as small startups explore, understand, define, implement and disrupt by the usage of digital – within marketing, IT, organizational transformation, product development and sales.

“Christoffer has shown that leadership is something that is practiced all the time and not only connected to a specific role. His responsibility-taking began long before starting at Forefront and inspired several of his co-workers to join Forefront. He is fearless, humble and business-oriented, a though leader within his areas apart from being a brilliant consultant.”
The explanation to “Newcomer of the year 2016”, Forefront Consulting Group

With a a deep understanding of the different perspectives, I do work as project- and program manager, product owner, strategist, advisor, change catalyst and concept lead across all phases of digital transformation initiatives. I have a strong passion for digitalization and new technology combined with a deep curiosity on how it will influence societies, behaviors and businesses of tomorrow.

“It is striking that Christoffer is very experienced within his field. But what is unique is that he has a true holistic view and the ability to understand and move freely between different worlds. It is a pleasure to work with Christoffer who is a person who listens to understand and not to answer.”
Carole, Head of Brand Management at Vattenfall, read more on Linkedin

I also do workshop facilitation, inspirational speeches, management for hire and conduct training within the above areas.

Regardless if you have an already defined challenge you need help to drive or design, or if you want help to understand your opportunities for tomorrow and how you can use digital to disrupt, excel or improve, I’d be happy to speak.

Send me a mail or have a look at all the ways to get in contact.

Image credit: Jason Taellious @ Flickr