The crisis calls for scenario planning

The COVID-crisis we’re currently undergoing is pressing for everyone, to say the least. Even though hopeful signs of recovery can be seen, it is still to early to say with certainty if anything will have changed for good, and what the new normal will be. 

In times of uncertainty (which is basically at all times nowadays), scenario planning is one of my favourite go-to tools. It is scalable, modular, engaging and can be used in virtually all types of strategy development. Happy to see the approach gaining new momentum and interest in the light of the crisis.

This had me pitching an offer with it as a way to plan for autumn and become a winner in the uncertainty. Can be seen below, though only in Swedish.


And lately, HBR also picked up the topic.

Stay safe out there and let me know if I can support you with tackling the uncertainty using scenarios in any way!

Christoffer Vollmer

Leader, Consultant, Futurist & Advisor with more than 20 years experience from Strategy, Marketing, CX, Business Transformation & Tech.