When business, tech and design meet

All quiet here on the blog for a month now. Yours truly has been busy with work-related stuff. However back for now with some thoughts related to the last months happenings.

It is hardly new anymore that in order to be successful in your digital transformation, you’ll need to be able to fuse business, tech and design capabilities. This, combined with organizational design that enables agile and collaborative ways of working creates a beautiful machinery for fast-forwarding into the future.

However, this is of course far more easier said than done. Acquiring the capabilities is only the first and often easiest part of the journey, as many companies have realized already. Building a collaborative culture between different competencies and diverse personality types, adopting a new mentality where innovating and testing is rewarded, failing is learning and failing faster is even better, and daring to leave old governance models focused on risk minimization and defending the incumbent business against new entrants is far harder tasks.

The consulting industry isn’t any different (actually, it need be the forerunner). Also here, it has been an ongoing trend over the last couple of years with management and IT consultancies acquiring creative design agencies in order to get the missing piece of their puzzle, with varying degree of success. Accenture and Fjord, McKinsey and Lunar, Deloitte and Mobiento, to name a few.

Therefore, when the opportunity came up during early spring to seek a new home for the consulting practice at my current employer Ziggy Creative Colony, we looked for a company under growth with strong capabilities within management and IT to complement Ziggys within strategy, customer experience and design. We found Forefront Consulting Group, which will be my new base from May and onward. Exciting times ahead!

I will assume the role as Business Area Manager for the new offering at Forefront as well as continue my consulting assignments on strategy, digital transformation and CX. There will be of course be challenges in cracking the code on how to successfully integrate business, design and tech. However I’m totally convinced the opportunities will be far greater for the ones that succeed.

Oh, and BTW, another interesting writing on the topic from Accenture: Can Corporate and Creative Cultures Ever Truly Merge?

Image credit: Mark Sebastian @ Flickr

Christoffer Vollmer

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